Diagnostics is in our blood.

Stago was a pharmaceutical laboratory, founded in 1945, which now works in the In Vitro Diagnosis(IVD) industry, wholly dedicated to the exploration of hemostasis and thrombosis.

The Stago group has a clearly delimited scope

Research & Development, Production, Logistics, Marketing, Sales and International Distribution, at every level of the value chain, Stago remains in control of its strategy.

Certified ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 (2008), the group has concentrated most of its industrial activities in France. Its geographical expansion has now led it to open Research & Development and production centres in the USA, The Netherlands, Germany and Ireland too. Its investment in R&D exceeds the norms in IVD.

Since the opening of the American affiliate in 1985, development of the direct distribution network has accelerated. In the last 10 years, 15 new affiliates have been established: China (2003), UK (2005), an office in Dubai for the Middle East (2007), Australia/New-Zealand and Canada (2008). An office in Hong Kong for Asia East (2011). In January 2012, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium and Netherlands. Then, an office in India in 2014.

The companies belonging to the Stago Group are Stago, Tcoag, Agro-Bio, BioCytex, Thrombinoscope, Synapse and DSRV.

The Stago Group is a human adventure

Founded by Jacques Viret at the end of the Second World War to market a solution to ease digestion and hepatic disorders, the Stago Group now has almost 2,600 employees, with over half based in France.

The diversity of this combination of people, professions and know-how is what allows Stago to develop, produce and sell the broadest range of reagents and Hemostasis test instruments throughout the world using the most advanced technologies.
Customer satisfaction is a key value and everyone is aware that there is a patient behind their action.

The Stago Group has the force of a specialist

With over 350 products commercialized, Stago is a world reference in Hemostasis and a favored partner of medical biology laboratories.
Stago is also a licensed training center, offering theory and practice training at different levels.

Specialized in the fields of Hemostasis and Thrombosis, Stago invests in research and innovation to develop new and ever more performing reagents, systems and solutions. Thanks to 50 years of experience, Stago has acquired a charismatic image in Hemostasis and has earned the gratitude of the international scientific world. In this respect, Stago regularly organizes symposiums or scientific meetings on the state-of-the-art in Hemostasis during congresses or as separate events.

The Stago group is present worldwide

Stago is represented in over 110 countries via its affiliates and large distributor network.
Each affiliate develops the processes introduced by the group, while aiming to provide our customers with the best possible support in terms of quality and services.

Each distributor is chosen on strict performance appraisal criteria with regard to their organization and teams, such as knowledge of Hemostasis, after-sales service capacities and commitment to promoting our products in a “customer satisfaction” culture. A specific internal structure (GSA) trains and monitors these teams.


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