Executive Message

Diagnostica Stago is the only independent international company dedicated to the exploration of Hemostasis. The mission of every Stago employee is to develop and provide best-in-class diagnostic systems, services and support to healthcare professionals in order to better prevent, understand, diagnose, treat and follow-up Hemostasis disorders.
With more than 20,000 active systems installed in more than 110 countries, Stago has successfully created and continues to develop a comprehensive range of services involving all our teams, with a permanent focus on patients. We attach crucial importance to customer satisfaction, a mission that is underpinned in the values shared within the company: innovation, quality, expertise, team spirit and long-term commitment.
Involved in human healthcare, ethics are a second nature to us, and a fundamental and long-term commitment.
All Stago North America employees are dedicated to these values and they are fully committed to anticipate and respond to the needs of our North American customers.
Philippe Barroux
North America Chief Executive Officer
Diagnostica Stago, Inc.