STA R Max 3

Excellence Born from Expertise

The STA R MAX3 is the perfect hemostasis analyzer for high-volume and reference laboratories performing routine and specialty assays. The STA R Max3 answers the needs of today’s laboratories to do more with less and equips laboratories with an easy-to-use system that ensures efficient, reliable results. With 215 sample positions and 70* reagent positions, the largest sample capacity in the industry and true STAT sample priority, the STA R Max3 enables even the highest-volume laboratories to easily manage their workloads with minimal operator intervention. Integrated STA Coag Expert® software automates laboratory processes such as, full auto-verification, repeat/reflex testing, comprehensive QC, accreditation tools, maintenance logs, TAT monitoring and maintains 5 years of patient archives onboard to ensure standardization and efficiency for routine tests as well as complex specialty assays. In addition, the STA-R family of analyzers is the industry leader for total laboratory automation (TLA) connectivity and throughput.

Building upon 30 years of VBDS gold standard excellence, Stago’s new Expert Pre-analytical Check (EPC) ensures pre-analytical sample integrity with checks for proper fill volumes, hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia in advance of testing with no additional cuvettes, reagents, or plasma consumed. EPC joins the power of VBDS to ensure that laboratorians can report the right result, the first time with confidence for clot-based, immunoturbidimetric, and colorimetric test methodologies. Additional efficiencies are gained with an innovative, maintenance-free, single resolution pipetting system (PSR) that delivers industry leading precision.



Measurement Clotting, chromogenic, immunologic
Methodologies 200 user-definable tests
Samples onboard 215
Continuous loading Yes
True STAT management Yes
Reagents Onboard 70
Consumables Unitary cuvettes (1 test = 1 cuvette)

Height: 49.8in.

Width: 48.0in.

Depth: 31.6in.

Weight: 524.7lbs.

TLA Capable Yes
Cap piercing option Yes
Test Menu

PT, aPTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin Time, Extrinsic pathway factors, Intrinsic pathway factors, Anti-Xa (UFH, LMWH, Rivaroxaban*, Apixaban*, Edoxaban*), Anti-IIa*, D-Dimers, Fibrin Monomers*, Antithrombin Activity, Protein C Activity, Protein S Activity, Lupus Anticoagulant, VWF Antigen, Microparticles*, Plasminogen, Antiplasmin and TAFI*, Calibrators, Quality Control

*Research use only; not for use in diagnostic procedures