STA Compact Max®

Excellence Born from Expertise

The STA Compact Max is a fully automated benchtop analyzer built on the most reliable platform in the industry. With an expansive test menu, the Compact Max is a robust, high-efficiency analyzer with enhanced throughput making it the perfect system offering for mid-sized laboratories. The system’s unique method of sample management offers moderate throughput and rapid processing of STAT samples with no impact to the instrument’s time to result. With 96 sample positions and 45 reagent positions, the Compact Max to easily handle the workload with minimal intervention from the operator. Integrated STA Coag Expert Software provides full auto-verification, repeat/reflex testing, a comprehensive QC package, accreditation tools, automated maintenance logs,  TAT monitoring and maintains 5 years of patient archives onboard. The Compact Max is available with an optional cap-piercing system to reduce bio-hazard exposure risks.




Clotting, chromogenic, immunologic


80 user-definable tests

Samples onboard


Continuous loading


True STAT management


Reagents Onboard



Unitary cuvettes (1 test = 1 cuvette)


Height: 27.75in.

Width: 38.1in.

Depth: 28.73in.

Weight: 309lbs.

TLA Capable


Cap piercing option


Test Menu

PT, aPTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin Time, Extrinsic pathway factors, Intrinsic pathway factors, Anti-Xa (UFH, LMWH, Rivaroxaban*, Apixaban*, Edoxaban*), Anti-IIa*, D-Dimers, Fibrin Monomers*, Antithrombin Activity, Protein C Activity, Protein S Activity, Lupus Anticoagulant, VWF Antigen, Microparticles*, Plasminogen, Antiplasmin and TAFI*, Calibrators, Quality Control

*Research use only; not for use in diagnostic procedures