Stago introduces the STA Workcell Max

Diagnostica Stago Transforms Hemostasis with Innovation at the 71st AACC congress in Anaheim, CA. Diagnostica Stago, introduces the STA Workcell Max, a transformative specimen processing platform designed to meet the rigorous requirements of efficient hemostasis testing.
Diagnostica Stago Transforms Hemostasis with Innovation at the 71st AACC Laboratory Expo in Anaheim, CA

With a loading capacity of 300 specimens at a time, STA Workcell Max automatically loads and balances centrifuge buckets, and prepares platelet poor plasma by centrifuging specimens using hemostasis-specific criteria. Intelligent rack preparation enables optimized routing to the designated STA R Max analyzer. Specimens are held inside of up to four Stago STA R Max systems until results are validated, thus ensuring rapid availability in the case of additional or reflex testing. Racks are automatically unloaded from the instrument and held in the output module. By automating front-end specimen processing, rack preparation and specimen routing, the STA Workcell Max enables allocation of skilled laboratory technologists for other more complex, value-added tasks. 

The STA Coag Expert data management platform powering the STA Workcell Max automation line, transforms lab QC and patient results into robust, traceable, actionable clinical insights. STA Coag Expert delivers full traceability, from operator activity to reagent and consumable lot identification for each data point. Also included, are connectivity capabilities to auto-upload QC results into a real-time peer comparison program, MyExpertQC. An upcoming suite of digital services, including remote monitoring and proactive instrument alerts, will further enhance the value of STA Coag Expert by reducing TAT and increasing system efficiency. 

For patients undergoing cardiovascular or major orthopedic surgeries, HemoSonics, a Stago Group Company, presents the Quantra® QPlus® System which was recently cleared through the FDA de novo process. Based on innovative ultrasound technology - SEER (Sonic Estimation of Elasticity via Resonance) sonorheometry, the Quantra system provides a rapid assessment of the viscoelastic properties of a clot at the point-of-care that can aid in the management of critical bleeding. Results are delivered on-screen in 15 minutes or less using closed-tube, whole blood specimens in a cartridge-based system that requires less than 60 seconds hands-on time. The Quantra QPlus System provides actionable, easy-to-read results designed to enable patient-specific transfusion decisions at the most critical moment. The speed and clarity of results allow for a simple, rapid decision making process aimed to help clinicians provide the right therapy to control bleeding, to the right patient, at the right time. Guided by the mission of HemoSonics, the goal of the Quantra system is to support appropriate utilization of precious and costly resources, reduce risk and improve patient care in a critical setting.

Philippe Barroux, Chief Executive Officer emphasized, “Stago continues to develop transformative technologies that enable delivery of the best patient care for the largest population of patients possible.  Introduction of the highest level of hemostasis innovation presented over the past decade at the 71st AACC Scientific Meeting provides just a glimpse into the future.  Automated hemostasis processing designed by coag experts, for coag experts, linked with the robust Stago VBDS technology and unique, rapid bleeding management at the point-of-care increases the value of the clinical laboratory across the patient care continuum.  Leading the transformation of coagulation care with edge-to-edge solutions from the lab to the bedside, Stago remains committed to the highest efficiency of productivity, cost reduction and improvement in patient care.”

About Diagnostica Stago, Inc.
Diagnostica Stago, Inc. is the exclusive provider of Diagnostica Stago Hemostasis product lines in the United States and offers a complete system of coagulation instruments and optimized reagents for research as well as for clinical analysis. Diagnostica Stago, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Diagnostica Stago, S.A.S. France, a leader in the development and manufacture of Hemostasis products. For more information about Stago products and services, please call 800-222-COAG or visit our website at


About HemoSonics
HemoSonics, a Stago Group Company, is a medical device company developing a point-of-care diagnostic platform to guide the management of critical bleeding to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by enabling more targeted transfusion of blood products. The Quantra™ Hemostasis Analyzer is designed to transform the way clinicians manage coagulation dysfunctions by providing comprehensive, timely information on coagulation status at the point of care. HemoSonics is headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, with research, development and manufacturing facilities in Durham, NC. For more information, visit