Customer Training Center

Diagnostica Stago, Inc. training center

Diagnostica Stago, Inc.’s Customer Training Center is located at our headquarters in Parsippany, NJ. Customers are welcomed to our spacious, state-of-the-art facility where they participate in three or four day courses led by our world-class staff of experienced Technical Trainers.

Each Customer’s accommodations are handled by our full-time Training Coordinator, thus ensuring their focus can remain on what’s truly important: mastery of their new Stago analyzer.

During their time at the Customer Training Center, Customers can expect:

  • Instruction on the most up-to-date processes and information concerning their new Stago analyzer.
  • A collaborative environment with a trainee-to-analyzer ratio never exceeding 2:1.
  • An uninterrupted, hands-on learning environment free of the distractions often present during in-service trainings conducted at the customer’s own site.

In addition to offering monthly New Analyzer training courses, Customers can choose from supplementary and Advanced Operator courses listed in our SAVOR catalog. These offerings can be customized to suit most Customers’ needs, and our training facilities can accommodate groups both small and large. Additionally, our courses are offered in English, Spanish, and French based on the Customer’s regional requirements. 

The Diagnostica Stago, Inc. Customer Training Center is home to a staff of engaging, highly knowledgeable Technical Trainers, all of whom were Stago customers prior to being Stago employees. They understand your needs as a Customer, and they will prepare you to run your new Stago analyzer with confidence.

We are pleased that you’ve chosen Diagnostica Stago, Inc. as your full-service Haemostasis provider, and we look forward to building your knowledge, honing your expertise, and exceeding your expectations at our Customer Training Center.